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How to Find an A&P Apprenticeship Program in the U.S.

How to Find an A&P Apprenticeship Program in the U.S.

One of the most asked questions by those becoming aircraft maintenance technicians is, where do I start? A lot of the time, interested personnel choose to go the route of school. However, as previously mentioned in the "How to Become an AMT (Part 2)" blog, sometimes schooling is not the best course for all, and they will choose to go the apprenticeship route. So, where do you begin to look for apprenticeship programs? I've put together a list of resources one can use to help answer this question!


How to find apprenticeship programs in your area?

Through the US Department of Labor or an Individual State

                  Not many are aware of this, but you can check the US Department of Labor National Apprenticeship website for a list of approved apprenticeship programs around the US.

                  Another option you have is by searching by state. Almost every state has a website dedicated to helping people find apprenticeships. (Figure 1.) You can find a list of approved programs or emails and phone numbers for people to contact to enroll in such a program on these websites. For example,  has a list of approved apprenticeship programs within the state of Florida. Not only can you locate an opportunity dedicated to the airframe and powerplant certificates, but, in some states, you have options for wind turbine, sheetmetal, and aerospace.

How to Find A&P Apprenticeship programs in the U.S. search

Figure 1 Googling apprenticeship programs in a specific state


                  Other states that have websites dedicated to apprenticeship programs are:















West Virginia








New Hampshire

Rhode Island




New Jersey

South Carolina




New Mexico





North Carolina





North Dakota





Direct Company Search

How to Find an Apprenticeship in the U.S. Duncan Aviation

Another way to search for apprenticeship programs is to go directly to the source! Certain companies, such as Duncan Aviation, provide apprenticeship programs. These programs are also recognized by the Department of Labor and can help you reach your goal of becoming a certified AMT.

Other companies that offer direct apprenticeship programs are:


It is important to note that keeping up to date with companies' websites for available opportunities and requirements is a must! For example, some companies may be looking for apprentices who are currently attending A&P school and are months away from receiving their certificates. In contrast, other companies will help you obtain your certificates from scratch. Remember too that just as quickly as these opportunities arrive, they can go.


Through NonProfit Organizations

Aviation Nonprofit Organization Logo

It is important to note that you can also find apprenticeship programs through certain nonprofit organizations such as Women In Aviation, The Association for Women in Aviation Maintenance (AWAM), and Women in Corporate Aviation. Often, these companies offer these apprenticeship programs directly through these organizations or as a scholarship. You can check their websites to see what opportunities are available.

RTAG is a great apprenticeship source for military professionals. They provide support for veterans who are looking for experience and help with transitioning from military life to civilian life. 

Aviation nonprofits will be discussed further in an up coming blog. So, look at for that upcoming blog!


Social Media

Social Media Links Fix Fly Travel

Who would have guessed, right?! Social Media? But the truth is it can be a very helpful tool. Joining groups on Facebook or LinkedIn dedicated to aircraft maintenance can help you find what you are looking for. Remember, it is all about outreach! If you don't ask, you will never know. So, reach out! Whether through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Clubhouse, you can find people who can help guide you in the right direction. Plus, aviation is a tight-knit community. If one person is not sure, there are others who might know and are willing to help you get on a track that best suits you.



So, there you have it! In this blog, we have covered the basics of how to find apprenticeship programs. You can search online through the US Department of Labor by individual states, companies directly, nonprofit organizations, or social media. In addition to all of this, always remember to do your research! Each company's requirements for an apprenticeship program may vary. For example, one company may not be looking for any requirements, just an eagerness to learn, while other companies will be looking for you to be more than halfway done with your AMT school or already have you're A&P in hand. It is up to you to do your research to see which program a company or state has to offer that best suits you!


I hope this helped!




If you have any more tips or insight on how to find apprenticeships. Or, if you know of companies who offer apprenticeships, please feel free to leave a comment below!


  • Hi there!!
    I own an AFAC Motores y Planeadores licence (México), I would like to know about a job aplicación in the US. Recently i applied to an MRO in TX but I coudn’t make it 😥.
    I’ll be very happy if you let me know someting about it, never the less, I’ll keep doing my research.
    Thanks in advance. Greets from México!!

    Sam on

  • I would like to know, if apprenticeship program is there for foreign student as well? I’m from India and want to pursue AMT apprenticeship in US? Any source and suggestions?

    Tanmesh on

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